Zodiac FloPro Pumps

The pool pump is essentially the heart of the swimming pool’s circulation system. Your pool’s circulation system comprises the elements of your pool that takes water from the pool, filters it, sanitises it, and returns the water back to the pool. If your pool pump is not running, the water from your pool is not being properly circulated or filtered.

It’s important to size your pool pump correctly. This will ensure your pool runs optimally, resulting in fewer problems, easier maintenance, lower energy costs and longer equipment life.

As a general rule of thumb, the larger your pool, the larger the pump you need, and the more it will cost to run.

The equipment you install on your pool will also have a major influence on the size of pump you require. Pool cleaners, solar heating and water features all require more energy and power than is required to simply pump water through the filtration system.

  • 3-year warranty (2 years on the mechanical seal)
  • Ergonomic cam-lock lid with easy alignment indicators
  • 50mm barrel unions for increased water-flow
  • Oversized capacitator for consistent, reliable performance
  • Quieter operation due to flow dynamics
  • Body made from strong Noryl Plastic


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Product Details

Due to the nature of this product we are unable to sell this product online. Therefore, please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements so we can recommend the correct size pump for your pool and pool equipment.

Zodiac FloPro Pump Brochure

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