Stabilised Pool Chlorine

I?ll kill the gremlins

Nobody likes nasty micro-organisms crashing their pool party.
To protect your pool from unwanted guests and to keep your water nice and clean, use purifying or protective products.
The key ingredient in protective products is Chlorine, the most common and widely used chemical to purify and eliminate harmful micro-organisms from our drinking water.
By adding purifiers to a well-balanced pool, effective protection against bacteria, algae and other harmful micro-organisms can take place.
Ensure your pool stays clean by regularly checking the levels of protective products and stabilisers in the water. For even greater protection, use shock treatments regularly.
Pool stabilisers guard the purifiers or protective products from UV rays. UV protection is essential simply because without it, purifiers dissipate quickly from outdoor pools.




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Product Details

Controls bacteria, viruses and algae in swimming pools. This product is stabilised to increase the longevity of chlorine in outdoor pools.


  • Fast dissolving
  • 100% soluble
  • UV blockout for longer lasting protection

Available as 1kg, 2kg, 4kg and 10kg

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