Spa Bromine Sanitiser Tablets

Everyone enjoys a good spa
Unfortunately, this also applies to nasty micro-organisms. Keep them away with protective products. By adding purifiers to a well-balanced spa, effective protection against bacteria, algae and other harmful micro-organisms can take place.
Ensure your spa stays clean by regularly checking the levels of protective products in the water.


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Product Details

Controls algae and bacteria in spa pool water.

Can be used in automatic feeders or floaters for sanitising spas. When used as directed, its slow, consistent dissolving rate provides a constant and reliable sanitiser level at all times. Effective over a wider pH range than chlorine alone. Less odour and slower dissolving than chlorine tablets. Ideal for indoor spas, and pools with attached spas because of reduced odours. They dissolve completely without leaving any cloudiness or insoluble residue and are ideal for warm water spa pools


  • Minimal effect on pH of spa water
  • Fully soluble – leaving no residue in water
  • Slow dissolving
  • Calcium free
  • ideal sanitiser for spa water greater than 26?C

Available as a 1kg bottle

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