I?ll make it sparkle

After you?ve taken care of unwanted guests such as algae and other micro-organisms, it?s time to focus on the important stuff: making your pool glisten and sparkle.
Zodiac Pool Chemicals offers a range of products designed to perfect your pool. Just don?t spend too much time admiring the water, okay?


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Product Details

Softens the swimming pool water and enhances water comfort, increases water clarity and improves the performance of other products. It provides sparkling, silky water and conditions the water to be more comfortable for swimmers. Suppresses the growth of algae and gets better results from any sanitiser type, so saves time and money


  • Softens the swimming pool water.
  • Less skin and eye irritation
  • Suppresses the growth of algae
  • Enhances water clarifier
  • Conditions the water for increased bather comfort

Available as a 4kg tub

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