pH Down

Harmony begins here

Just like people, pool water needs balance.
In pool-speak, balancing means preparing the water so that the pool protective products you add later will work most effectively. Why is this important?
Firstly, if your protective products aren?t doing their job properly, your pool can be over-run by nasty micro-organisms. Secondly, unbalanced water may be corrosive, resulting in damage to the equipment in your pool.
Also, the pool water balance should be in harmony with the human body, this keeps the water pleasant while preventing eye and skin irritation.




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Product Details

Designed to decrease Total Alkalinity and pH levels in pool water to prevent cloudy water, scale formation, high acid demand and poor chlorine efficiency. Prevents corrosion of equipment, etching of concrete and grout, and wrinkling of liners.


  • Safe to store and handle
  • No fumes
  • Essential for swimmer comfort

Available as 3kg and 6kg

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