No Ducks

I?ll make it sparkle

After you?ve taken care of unwanted guests such as algae and other micro-organisms, it?s time to focus on the important stuff: making your pool glisten and sparkle.
Zodiac Pool Chemicals offers a range of products designed to perfect your pool. Just don?t spend too much time admiring the water, okay?


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Product Details

Helps deter ducks and other feathered friends from swimming pool surfaces. No Ducks reduces the surface tension of the water so ducks find it harder to float on the pool water surface. No Ducks is not harmful to ducks or humans. It can be used in all types of pool finishes and is compatible with all recognised sanitisers and other pool additives.


  • Discourages ducks visiting the pool
  • Also works as an Algaecide

Available as a 5L bottle

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