Maintenance How To

Maintenance How To

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Our best practice advice for a clean & functioning swimming pool.

Weekly Pool Maintenance Checklist


Remove leaves and debris from both the skimmer basket and the pump basket.



Use a leaf skimmer to remove any leaves that have fallen within the pool.


Vacuum the pool to remove any dirt or debris from the floor of the pool.


Test the water and adjust for pH, Total Alkalinity, Hardness and Stabiliser.


Test Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine and add chlorine as required (tablets/granules or liquid).


Add Natural Clarifier to the pool or a Clarifier tablet to the skimmer basket.


On a 4 weekly basis add Algaecide as per it’s maintenance dose.


Note filter pressure and backwash if necessary. For cartridge filter, rinse cartridge with filter cleaner and garden hose. (This step only needs to be completed every other week)

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  • Cost – salt cells convert salt into active chlorine for a lower cost as compared to the traditional form of liquid or solid chlorine
  • Salt water pools reduce skin and eye irritation and greatly reduce the chlorine smell
  • With a saltwater system, pool maintenance is much simpler

This is entirely dependent on the size of your pool and the frequency that you clean it. Contact us and we can you find the best fit for your pool.

  1. Turn pump off
  2. Clean debris from the skimmer basket
  3. Clean debris in the hair & lint strainer
  4. Place MPV in the backwash position
  5. Turn pump on

Backwash time should be until the water in the sight glass runs clear. Complete Backwashing by:

  1. Turn off the pump
  2. Putting the MPV in the rinse position and turning on the pump, again, until the water in the sight glass runs clear
  3. Turn the pump off
  4. Put the MPV back in the filter position
  5. Turn on the pump again

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