Premium Pool services & products to meet your needs

Premium Pool services & products to meet your needs

Want a beautifully maintained pool?

Whether you are a do it yourself handyman or you want your pool maintenance to be set and forget, we have the pool products and services to keep your pool clean and functioning.

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Do you want your pool ownership experience to be swimming rather than maintenance?

We offer full pool valet and pool cleaning services in Hamilton, Cambridge and across the Waikato. We treat you, and your pool, to the ultimate service! Feel good about swimming in your pool whenever you want to.

Whether you need your pool pump fixed, your pool vacuumed and the water tested and balanced, or to upgrade your pool equipment, Swoop approaches every job with diligence.

Why choose Swoop?

You want the ultimate service from a reliable and honest team of professional pool cleaners, that’s why!  Here at Swoop, we pride ourselves on being timely, reliable, honest and diligent in everything we do. It’s important we exceed service expectations every time. If you’ve got enquiries or questions about your pool, get in touch with our friendly team.

Have the confidence and time for DIY maintenance?

Know your way around pool upkeep and pool maintenance? Then we can show you exactly what you’ll need to keep the water fresh all year round. 

We offer a large range of pool products, starter kits, pool chemicals and more with tips on what you’ll need for easy upkeep, affordable products and good advice. 

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